Flex HAZLOC Remote Controls

Flex HAZLOC radio remote control systems can be used for a wide range of purposes, including industrial painting, chemical plants, aircraft hangars, and petrochemical operations.

magnetek flex hazloc transmitter

Available Options

Magnetek Flex HAZLOC Systems

Product SKUs Number of Transmitters Number of Receivers Control Voltage Buttons Motions Our Price
FLEX-8EX-01-2T-HAZ 2 1 110 VAC 8 4 Original price was: $2,206.00.Current price is: $1,764.00. BUY ONLINE
FLEX-12EX-01-2T-HAZ 2 1 110 VAC 12 6 Original price was: $3,042.00.Current price is: $2,433.00. BUY ONLINE

Features & Benefits

Flex HAZLOC Specifications


  • 62 user-programmable channels – Advanced synthesized RF controls with 62 built-in channels; there are no more fixed channels and fragile quartz crystals to break.
  • Automatic channel scanning receiver – No more hassle of climbing up the crane to change receiver channels.
  • Over 1 million unique ID codes (20-bit) – Every flex system has its own unique ID codes and serial number; no repeats.
  • Advanced controls – The Flex system utilizes advanced microprocessor controls with 32-bit CRC and Hamming Code, which provide ultra-fast, safe, precise, and error-free encoding and decoding.
  • Unique I-CHIP design – The I-CHIP functions in a way that is very similar to SIM cards used on mobile phones, with the ability to transfer system information and settings from one transmitter to another without the hassle of resetting the spares.
  • Reliable pushbuttons – The in-house-designed pushbuttons with gold-plated contacts are rated for more than 1 million press cycles.
  • Low power consumption – Requires only two “AA” alkaline batteries for more than 100 hours of operating time between replacements.
  • Ultra-durable nylon and fiberglass composite enclosures – Highly resistant to breakage and deformation, even in the most abusive environments.
  • Full compliance – All systems fully comply with the FCC Part-15 Rules, European Directives (Safety, EMC, RED, and Machinery), and Industry Canada Specifications (IC).


  • (12) 2-Step Pushbutton
  • E-Stop Button
  • Key rotary button for horn ON and START

Transmitter Hazardous Location Approvals:

  • ATEX: II 3 G Ex ic IIC T3/T4 Gc
  • IECEx: Ex ic IIC T3/T4 Gc