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Qualified crane operators can now be further away from the crane and operate it at safer distance, instead of having to operate the restrictive pendant right next to the load.

magnetek flex pro transmitter

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Radio Transmitters & Remote Controls

magnetek flex duo transmitter

Flex Duo Transmitters

Flex Duo gives operators better positioning to ensure job visibility, safety, and longer life for hydraulic components.

magnetek flex ex transmitter

Flex EX2 Transmitters

Flex EX2 wireless controls have more features and better performance than Flex EX radios, yet still a great value.

magnetek flex hazloc transmitter

Flex HAZLOC Transmitters

Flex HAZLOC radio remote control systems can be used for a wide range of purposes, including industrial painting, and more.

magnetek flex mini transmitter

Flex Mini Transmitters

Magnetek's Flex Mini transmitters are a cost-effective alternative. The Flex Mini offers the latest control technology.

magnetek flex pro transmitter

Flex Pro Transmitters

The Flex Pro series is ergonomically designed and incorporates the most recent in proportional control technology.

magnetek mltx transmitter

MLTX Remote Transmitters

The MLTX compact bellybox transmitter uses the most recent polymer technology. It is lightweight, contoured and durable.

magnetek mltx2 transmitter

MLTX2 Remote Transmitters

The MLTX2 bellybox transmitter combines the most recent electronic technology in a light, contoured, but durable case.

magnetek sltx hero

SLTX Remote Transmitters

The Telemotive SLTX wireless remote controls increase productivity. The lightweight control features a long-lasting battery life.

magnetek xltx transmitter

XLTX Remote Transmitters

The XLTX bellybox combines the most recent wireless control technology in a light, contoured and durable case.

magnetek telependant transmitter

TelePendant Remote Transmitters

Every telePendant is built with durability, ergonomics and maximum functionality in mind. Excellent alternative to wired pendants.