AC Crane Drives

Magnetek Impulse Drives

AC Variable Frequency Drives provide greater motor control reliability, which results in a more safe and productive load handling operation. It enhances performance and improves production.

magnetek impulse g+ drive

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AC Crane Impulse Drives

magnetek impulse mini drive

Impulse G+ Mini

The low horsepower (HP), IMPULSE G+ mini is Magnetek's most simple to program drive. It has standard and advanced programming.

magnetek impulse g+ drive

Impulse G+ Series 4

The IMPULSE G+ Series 4 drives are specifically designed for material handling applications. They offer a full package of capabilities.

magnetek impulse vg+ drive

Impulse VG+ Series 4

The IMPULSE VG+ Series 4 can serve as a closed loop flux vector crane control, specifically designed to handle non-mechanical load brake hoists.

Magnetek G+ series 5 impulse drive

Impulse G+ Series 5

The Magnetek G+ Series 5 Impulse Drives are newly designed provide a complete package of crane-specific capabilities far beyond general VFD functionality.

Magnetek VG+ series 5 impulse drive

Impulse VG+ Series 5

The Magnetek VG+ Series 5 Impulse Drives feature customizable software, functions for safety and productivity, and a user-friendly interface.

magnetek sway control system

Sway Control System Series 2

Sway Control System Series 2 increases productivity by allowing crane operators to focus on load engagement and not minimizing load swing.

omnipulse DSD drive

OmniPulse DSD

The OmniPulse DSD drives are a superior DC control for crane, hoist, and heavy moveable structure applications. They are a state-of-the-art, fully programmable DC digital drive.

OmniPulse DDC Series 2

OmniPulse DDC Series 2

Designed to outperform traditional DCCP crane controls, energy efficient Magnetek® OmniPulse DDC Series 2 drives improve the performance, safety, and reliability of your DC-operated applications.

MagnePulse DMC Series 2

MagnePulse DMC Series 2

The Magnetek® brand MagnePulse™ DMC Series 2 Digital Magnet Control provides you with easily accessible system monitoring and diagnostic information – anytime, anywhere.