Encoder Kits

An encoder provides an electrical signal (closed loop feedback) that is used for speed and/or position control of a motor shaft. Encoders turn mechanical motion into an electrical signal that is used by the control system to track parameters of the application and make adjustments maintaining desired operation.


  • Rugged zero speed, magneto-resistive sensing technology
  • Operation range -40 to +80 degrees C
  • 1024 PPR (pulses per revolution)
  • Modular, non-contact, bearing-less design optimized for AC vector motor applications
  • Unaffected by oil, grease, saltwater, dust, or other common contaminants

Foot Mounted Encoder Kits

Catalog NumberDescriptionList PriceYour Price
DCFM-RT6Direct Coupled Foot-Mounted Encoder Kit3,690.003,136.50
BDFM-6200/M485Belt Driven Foot-Mounted Encoder Kit5,300.004,505.00
HSD35-KITDynapar HSD35 Hollow Shaft Kit w/Stub Shaft and swivel tether1,139.00968.15
R61024LS1LCEncoder RIM620-1024-S-1-L3,375.002,868.75

Transmitters and Receivers

Catalog NumberDescriptionList PriceYour Price
#FO-TX-ENC-STransmitter with Enclosure - Simplex605.00514.25
#FO-TX-ENC-DTransmitter with Enclosure - Duplex979.00832.15
#FO-RX-SReceiver - Simplex435.00369.75

Transmitter Option

Catalog NumberDescriptionList PriceYour Price
#FO-SPLICE-SSplice Module - Simplex0.000.00

Fiber Optic Cable

Catalog NumberDescriptionList PriceYour Price
#F-14/4-FOFlat (4 glass fibers and 4 #14AWG conductors with strips cords) - specify in 1 foot increments19.1916.31
#F-O-BCBase charge for pre-assembly of connectors to glass fibers (includes connector, tooling and inspection)525.00446.25

Cable Cut Charges

Catalog NumberDescriptionList PriceYour Price
#CUT1Cable cut charge for each type of cable (first cut)50.0042.50
#CUT2Cable cut charge for each cut same cable (cuts two and up)12.0010.20

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