DC Drives

OmniPulse DSD DC Digital Control

The OmniPulse DSD drives are a superior DC control for crane, hoist, and heavy moveable structure applications. They are a state-of-the-art, fully programmable DC digital drive.

omnipulse DSD drive

Features & Benefits

OmniPulse DSD Specifications


  • Adaptive Ultra Lift—higher speeds with light loads.
  • Micro-Speed™—precise speed control minimizes load swing during operation.
  • Load Float™—hold a load aloft at zero speed.
  • Torque Proving at Start/Stop—monitors brake function.
  • End of Travel Limits—slow down and stop inputs.
  • Most competitive DC drives offer you a one-size-fits-all solution to your application—and are difficult to use and hard to program.
  • OmniPulse DSD was developed specifically to control DC shunt wound bridge, trolley and hoist motors—and they’re easy to install and program.
  • The patented OmniPulse DSD microprocessor digital logic controller delivers precise, repeatable AC in/DC out control— and its solid-state operation means less maintenance.
  • Magnetek has more power control application experience than any company in the crane and hoist industry—trust the experts.
  • Our experienced application engineers will implement cost-effective control solutions that suit your application, to meet and exceed your expectations.
  • Traverse Motion—programmable, analog or multi-step speed reference.
  • Hoist Motion—programmable, analog or multi-step speed reference.
  • Maximum motor torque from startup to full speed.
  • Smooth load starting.
  • Programmable smooth acceleration from minimum to maximum speed.
  • Programmable smooth deceleration to creep-speed and stop.
  • Built-in Auto Tune—self tunes to motor, faster startup vital for modernization installations.
  • Inching control for exact load placement.
  • Built-in motor overload protection.


  • Modbus RTU, RS-232
  • Built-in current limiting line fuses
  • Four quadrant regenerative drive
  • Current regulated shunt field
  • 11 digital inputs
  • 3 relay outputs, 4 digital outputs
  • 2 programmable analog inputs (0-10 VDC, +/-10 VDC)
  • 2 programmable analog outputs (0-10 VDC, +/-10 VDC)
  • 2 line, 16 character portable programmer and display
  • Operating temperature: -10°C (14°F) to 55°C (130°F)
  • CSA listed
  • Made in USA


  • Input: 230/460 VAC, 3 PH., +/-10%, 48 to 62 Hz (600 VAC available–Consult Factory).
  • 150% of rated current for 1 minute
  • 200% of rated current for 10 seconds
  • 1000:1 speed range with encoder (hoist)
  • 20:1 speed range (traverse) of current limit

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