Intelli-Lift Systems

Identifies a load misalignment or snag condition and alerts operators with an audible and a visible warning before a dangerous condition occurs.


  • Precision load control
  • Reduced stress on equipment
  • Quick, easy installation

Intelli-Lift Off Center Pick Prevention using Auto or Manual Correction

Catalog NumberDescriptionList PriceYour Price
OCPP-AM-WIntelli-Lift Correction with Wireless Control & Interface33,000.0028,050.00
OCPP-AM-F-WIntelli-Lift Correction with Festoon Control & Wireless Interface32,000.0027,200.00
OCPP-AM-F-PIntelli-Lift Correction with Festoon Control & PC Interface30,000.0025,500.00

Intelli-Lift Off Center Pick Detection

Catalog NumberDescriptionList PriceYour Price
OCPP-DETECT-PIntelli-Lift Detection with Visual Indication with PC Interface21,000.0017,850.00
OCPP-DETECT-WIntelli-Lift Detection with Visual Indication with Wireless Interface23,000.0019,550.00

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