Motor Mounted Brakes Pricing

Great, simple alternative for brake integration. Motor mounted brakes feature the brake mounted on the opposite drive end (ODE) of the motor, which saves installation time and labor costs. Sievert Crane and Hoist provides the lowest pricing guaranteed.


  • Eliminates brake pedestal, and alignment issues.
  • Motor and brake come as a complete assembly.
  • Saves shop time.

Bracket Assembly

Catalog NumberDescriptionList PriceYour Price
B-143TFor motor frame 143T981.00833.85
B-145TFor motor frame 145T981.00833.85
B-182TFor motor frame 182T1,103.00937.55
B-184TFor motor frame 184T1,103.00937.55
B-213TFor motor frame 213T1,106.00940.10
B-215TFor motor frame 215T1,106.00940.10
B-254TFor motor frame 254T1,124.00955.40
B-256TFor motor frame 256T1,124.00955.40
B-284TFor motor frame 284T1,124.00955.40
B-286TFor motor frame 286T1,124.00955.40
B-324TFor motor frame 324T1,372.001,166.20
B-326TFor motor frame 326T1,372.001,166.20
B-364TFor motor frame 364T1,372.001,166.20
B-365TFor motor frame 365T1,372.001,166.20
B-404TFor motor frame 404T1,471.001,250.35
B-405TFor motor frame 405T1,471.001,250.35
B-444TFor motor frame 444T1,713.001,456.05
B-445TFor motor frame 445T1,713.001,456.05
B-447TFor motor frame 447T1,713.001,456.05
B-449TFor motor frame 449T1,713.001,456.05

Encoder Option

Catalog NumberDescriptionList PriceYour Price
EO-56SL56 Encoder - Bracket Mounted** (includes encoder, encoder dust cover, and encoder mounting screws)1,599.001,359.15

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