Hy-Thrust Actuator Pricing

Combine all the basic elements of a hydraulic system into one integral unit: electric motor driving an hydraulic pump, piping, and working cylinder and piston. Converts electrical energy into a mechanical force hydraulically, producing a smooth straight line thrust, throughout the piston stroke. They are mainly used to release spring-set brakes like the MBT, MST and SDT. Sievert Crane and Hoist provides the lowest pricing guaranteed.


  • Fast response – 2,000 cycles per hour.
  • Long service life with minimum maintenance.
  • Extending forces from 50 lbs. to 900 lbs.
  • Strokes from 2 to 7.8 inches.
  • Can be stalled at any stroke position without damage.
  • Operating ambient temperature -13°F to +122°F with standard fluid.
  • Class F insulation.
  • Aluminum housings.


SizeCatalog NumberDescriptionList PriceYour Price
23/5ED23/5-STDStandard Stroke Ed 23/5 Actuator1,967.001,671.95
30/5ED30/5-STDStandard Stroke Ed 30/5 Actuator2,955.002,511.75
50/6ED50/6-STDStandard Stroke Ed 50/6 Actuator4,736.004,025.60
50/6ED50/12-EXTExtended Stroke Ed 50/12 Actuator5,445.004,628.25
80/6ED80/6-STDStandard Stroke Ed 80/6 Actuator5,225.004,441.25
80/6ED80/12-EXTExtended Stroke Ed 80/12 Actuator6,034.005,128.90
121/6ED121/6-STDStandard Stroke Ed 121/6 Actuator5,513.004,686.05
121/6ED121/12-EXTExtended Stroke Ed 121/12 Actuator6,697.005,692.45
201/6ED201/6-STDStandard Stroke Ed 201/6 Actuator5,912.005,025.20
201/6ED201/12-EXTExtended Stroke Ed 201/12 Actuator7,115.006,047.75
301/6ED301/6-STDStandard Stroke Ed 301/6 Actuator6,823.005,799.55
301/6ED301/12-EXTExtended Stroke Ed 301/12 Actuator8,168.006,942.80
185/6ED185/6-STDStandard Stroke Ed 185/6 Actuator6,357.005,403.45
185/6ED185/16-EXTExtended Stroke Ed 185/16 Actuator7,456.006,337.60

Actuator Options

SizeCatalog NumberDescriptionList PriceYour Price
23/523/5-TDRTime delay - release (H)205.00174.25
23/523/5-TDSTime delay - set (S)205.00174.25
23/523/5-CPCompression spring (C) (2)183.00155.55
23/523/5-HITEMPT2-High ambient temp kit (3) (+5°C to +70°C)1,071.00910.35
23/523/5-SFKT3-Silicone fluid kit (4) (-10°C to +70°C)163.00138.55
23/523/5-BVBreather valve299.00254.15
30/530/5-TDRTime delay - release (H)232.00197.20
30/530/5-TDSTime delay - set (S)232.00197.20
30/530/5-CPCompression spring (C) (2)243.00206.55
30/530/5-HITEMPT2-High ambient temp kit (3) (+5°C to +70°C)1,071.00910.35
30/530/5-SFKT3-Silicone fluid kit (4) (-10°C to +70°C)194.00164.90
30/530/5-BVBreather valve299.00254.15
50/650/6-TDRTime delay - release (H)358.00304.30
50/650/6-TDSTime delay - set (S)257.00218.45
50/650/6-CPCompression spring (C) (2)246.00209.10
50/650/6-HITEMPT2-High ambient temp kit (3) (+5°C to +70°C)1,250.001,062.50
50/650/6-SFKT3-Silicone fluid kit (4) (-10°C to +70°C)425.00361.25
50/650/6-BVBreather valve299.00254.15
80/680/6-TDRTime delay - release (H)358.00304.30
80/680/6-TDSTime delay - set (S)257.00218.45
80/680/6-CPCompression spring (C) (2)246.00209.10
80/680/6-HITEMPT2-High ambient temp kit (3) (+5°C to +70°C)1,250.001,062.50
80/680/6-SFKT3-Silicone fluid kit (4) (-10°C to +70°C)425.00361.25
80/680/6-BVBreather valve299.00254.15
121/6121/6-TDRTime delay - release (H)377.00320.45
121/6121/6-TDSTime delay - set (S)377.00320.45
121/6121/6-CPCompression spring (C) (2)294.00249.90
121/6121/6-HITEMPT2-High ambient temp kit (3) (+5°C to +70°C)1,470.001,249.50
121/6121/6-SFKT3-Silicone fluid kit (4) (-10°C to +70°C)950.00807.50
121/6121/6-BVBreather valve299.00254.15
201/6201/6-TDRTime delay - release (H)377.00320.45
201/6201/6-TDSTime delay - set (S)377.00320.45
201/6201/6-CPCompression spring (C) (2)440.00374.00
201/6201/6-HITEMPT2-High ambient temp kit (3) (+5°C to +70°C)1,470.001,249.50
201/6201/6-SFKT3-Silicone fluid kit (4) (-10°C to +70°C)950.00807.50
201/6201/6-BVBreather valve299.00254.15
301/6301/6-TDRTime delay - release (H)377.00320.45
301/6301/6-TDSTime delay - set (S)377.00320.45
301/6301/6-CPCompression spring (C) (2)478.00406.30
301/6301/6-HITEMPT2-High ambient temp kit (3) (+5°C to +70°C)1,470.001,249.50
301/6301/6-SFKT3-Silicone fluid kit (4) (-10°C to +70°C)950.00807.50
301/6301/6-BVBreather valve299.00254.15

Operating Fluids (per litre)

Catalog NumberDescriptionList PriceYour Price
OF-C10Shell Tellus C10 (-13° to +122° F) (-25° to +50° C)80.0068.00
OF-C46Shell Tellus C46 (+41° to +158° F) (5° to +70° C)80.0068.00
OF-M20Baysilcone M20 (-31° to +158° F) (-35° to +70° C)101.0085.85

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