Braketronic Controller Pricing

Safe and effective solution for proportional brake control. Used on the traverse motions of your overhead crane, this package allows for the removal of the entire hydraulic brake system and replaces it with state-of-the-art “brake by wire” technology. Sievert Crane and Hoist provides the lowest pricing guaranteed.


  • Compatible with modern drive technology.
  • Operates from DC, single phase, or three phase power.
  • Can be controlled directly from the crane cab or via remote control.
  • Custom engineering is available.
  • NEMA 4 enclosure standard.

250 Volts DC

Catalog NumberDescriptionActuatorList PriceYour Price
BR1001SBraketronic Controller - Single BrakeEd23-Ed502,326.001,977.10
BR1002SBraketronic Controller - Dual BrakesEd23-Ed502,326.001,977.10
BR1004Braketronic Controller - Quad BrakesEd23-Ed502,591.002,202.35
BR1001LBraketronic Controller - Single BrakeEd80-Ed3012,270.001,929.50
BR1002LBraketronic Controller - Dual BrakesEd80-Ed3013,040.002,584.00

230 Volts AC

Catalog NumberDescriptionActuatorList PriceYour Price
BR2001Braketronic Controller - Single BrakeEd23-Ed3011,744.001,482.40
BR2002Braketronic Controller - Dual BrakesEd23-Ed3011,744.001,482.40
BR2004SBraketronic Controller - Quad BrakesEd23-Ed501,744.001,482.40
BR2004LBraketronic Controller - Quad BrakesEd80-Ed3012,127.001,807.95

460 Volts AC

Catalog NumberDescriptionActuatorList PriceYour Price
BR4001Braketronic Controller - Single BrakeEd23-Ed3011,989.001,690.65
BR4002Braketronic Controller - Dual BrakesEd23-Ed3011,989.001,690.65
BR4004SBraketronic Controller - Quad BrakesEd23-Ed501,989.001,690.65
BR4004MBraketronic Controller - Quad BrakesEd80-Ed2012,157.001,833.45
BR4004LBraketronic Controller - Quad BrakesEd185-Ed3012,474.002,102.90

600 Volts AC

Catalog NumberDescriptionActuatorList PriceYour Price
BR6001Braketronic Controller - Single BrakeEd23-Ed3012,479.002,107.15
BR6002Braketronic Controller - Dual BrakesEd23-Ed3012,479.002,107.15
BR6004SBraketronic Controller - Quad BrakesEd23-Ed502,479.002,107.15
BR6004MBraketronic Controller - Quad BrakesEd80-Ed1212,621.002,227.85
BR6004LBraketronic Controller - Quad BrakesEd185-Ed3012,831.002,406.35

Options for Braketronic

Catalog NumberDescriptionList PriceYour Price
BRKTN OPTION ACircuit Breaker (A)122.00103.70
BRKTN OPTION NNema 4X Stainless Steel Enclosure (N)490.00416.50
BRKTN OPTION ZRadio/Cab Interface Circuitry (Z)143.00121.55
BRKTN OPTION IFoot Pedal (duty class A-D) (I)1,173.00997.05
BRKTN OPTION MFoot Pedal (duty class E-F) (M)2,193.001,864.05

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