Brake Rectifier Pricing

Converts Alternating Current (AC) power to Direct Current (DC) power and is used to operate a DC Magnet shoe type electric brake when the brake is used on equipment powered by AC. For use with certain types of 200S General Purpose Industrial Brakes and 300M AIST Mill Duty Brakes. Sievert Crane and Hoist provides the lowest pricing guaranteed.


  • ABR rectifier is used when fast release and set times for the brake are not required. Slower brake response. It is used for the MBE type of 300M AIST Mill Duty Brake, normally for traverse motions.
  • GBR rectifier is used when fast release and set times for the brake are not required. It is used for the MSA type of 200S General Purpose Industrial Brake, normally for traverse motions.
  • GBC a forcing/holding brake controller used when fast response is required. It is used for the MSA type of 200S General Purpose Industrial Brake.
  • MBC is a forcing-holding brake controller that gives a fast brake response. It is used for the MBE type of 300M AIST Mill Duty Brake.

Type “MSA”

Rectifiers – 230-460-575-1Ph-60Hz

GBR, constant potential, bridge/trolley

Brake SizeCatalog NumberDescriptionList PriceYour Price
4"4GBR-D-PMDual brakes-panel mount (PM)- GBR250924.00785.40
4"4GBR-D-12EDual brakes-type 12 enclosure- GBR2501,193.001,014.05
4"4GBR-D-4EDual brakes-type 4 enclosure - GBR250 (1)1,536.001,305.60
4"4GBR-TBRTerminal box rectifier - 120/230/460/575 VAC - GBR250 (1)317.00269.45
6"6GBR-S-PMSingle Brake - panel mount (PM) - GBR250924.00785.40
6"6GBR-S-12ESingle brake-type 12 enclosure - GBR2501,193.001,014.05
6"6GBR-S-4ESingle brake-type 4 enclosure - GBR2501,536.001,305.60
6"6GBR-D-PMDual brakes-panel mount (PM)- GBR250924.00785.40
6"6GBR-D-12EDual brakes-type 12 enclosure- GBR2501,193.001,014.05
6"6GBR-D-4EDual brakes-type 4 enclosure - GBR250 (1)1,536.001,305.60
6"6GBR-TBRTerminal box rectifier - 120/230/460/575 VAC - GBR250 (1)317.00269.45
8"8GBR-S-PMSingle Brake - panel mount (PM) - GBR250924.00785.40
8"8GBR-S-12ESingle brake-type 12 enclosure - GBR2501,193.001,014.05
8"8GBR-S-4ESingle brake-type 4 enclosure - GBR2501,536.001,305.60
8"8GBR-D-PMDual brakes-panel mount (PM)- GBR250924.00785.40
8"8GBR-D-12EDual brakes-type 12 enclosure- GBR2501,193.001,014.05
8"8GBR-D-4EDual brakes-type 4 enclosure - GBR250 (1)1,536.001,305.60
8"8GBR-TBRTerminal box rectifier - 120/230/460/575 VAC - GBR250 (1)317.00269.45
10"10GBR-S-PMSingle Brake - panel mount (PM) - GBR250924.00785.40
10"10GBR-S-12ESingle brake-type 12 enclosure - GBR2501,193.001,014.05
10"10GBR-S-4ESingle brake-type 4 enclosure - GBR2501,536.001,305.60
10"10GBR-D-PMDual brakes-panel mount (PM)- GBR250924.00785.40
10"10GBR-D-12EDual brakes-type 12 enclosure- GBR2501,193.001,014.05
10"10GBR-D-4EDual brakes-type 4 enclosure - GBR250 (1)1,536.001,305.60
10"10GBR-TBRTerminal box rectifier - 120/230/460/575 VAC - GBR250 (1)317.00269.45
12"12GBR-S-PMSingle Brake - panel mount (PM) - GBR3501,114.00946.90
12"12GBR-S-12ESingle brake-type 12 enclosure - GBR3501,408.001,196.80
12"12GBR-S-4ESingle brake-type 4 enclosure - GBR3501,824.001,550.40
12"12GBR-D-PMDual brakes-panel mount (PM)- GBR3501,469.001,248.65
12"12GBR-D-12EDual brakes-type 12 enclosure- GBR3501,714.001,456.90
12"12GBR-D-4EDual brakes-type 4 enclosure - GBR350 (1)2,056.001,747.60
12"12GBR-TBRTerminal box rectifier - 120/230/460/575 VAC - GBR350 (1)317.00269.45
13"13GBR-S-PMSingle Brake - panel mount (PM) - GBR3501,114.00946.90
13"13GBR-S-12ESingle brake-type 12 enclosure - GBR3501,408.001,196.80
13"13GBR-S-4ESingle brake-type 4 enclosure - GBR3501,824.001,550.40
13"13GBR-D-PMDual brakes-panel mount (PM)- GBR3501,469.001,248.65
13"13GBR-D-12EDual brakes-type 12 enclosure- GBR3501,714.001,456.90
13"13GBR-D-4EDual brakes-type 4 enclosure - GBR350 (1)2,056.001,747.60
13"13GBR-TBRTerminal box rectifier - 120/230/460/575 VAC - GBR350 (1)317.00269.45
15"15GBR-S-PMSingle Brake - panel mount (PM) - GBR4501,469.001,248.65
15"15GBR-S-12ESingle brake-type 12 enclosure - GBR4501,714.001,456.90
15"15GBR-S-4ESingle brake-type 4 enclosure - GBR4502,050.001,742.50
15"15GBR-D-PMDual brakes-panel mount (PM)- GBR4502,619.002,226.15
15"15GBR-D-12EDual brakes-type 12 enclosure- GBR4503,036.002,580.60
15"15GBR-D-4EDual brakes-type 4 enclosure - GBR450 (1)3,427.002,912.95
15"15GBR-TBRTerminal box rectifier - 120/230/460/575 VAC - GBR450 (1)317.00269.45
16"16GBR-S-PMSingle Brake - panel mount (PM) - GBR4501,469.001,248.65
16"16GBR-S-12ESingle brake-type 12 enclosure - GBR4501,714.001,456.90
16"16GBR-S-4ESingle brake-type 4 enclosure - GBR4502,050.001,742.50
16"16GBR-D-PMDual brakes-panel mount (PM)- GBR4502,619.002,226.15
16"16GBR-D-12EDual brakes-type 12 enclosure- GBR4503,036.002,580.60
16"16GBR-D-4EDual brakes-type 4 enclosure - GBR450 (1)3,427.002,912.95
16"16GBR-TBRTerminal box rectifier - 120/230/460/575 VAC - GBR450 (1)317.00269.45
19"19GBR-S-PMSingle Brake - panel mount (PM) - GBR4501,469.001,248.65
19"19GBR-S-12ESingle brake-type 12 enclosure - GBR4501,714.001,456.90
19"19GBR-S-4ESingle brake-type 4 enclosure - GBR4502,050.001,742.50
19"19GBR-D-PMDual brakes-panel mount (PM)- GBR4502,619.002,226.15
19"19GBR-D-12EDual brakes-type 12 enclosure- GBR4503,036.002,580.60
19"19GBR-D-4EDual brakes-type 4 enclosure - GBR450 (1)3,427.002,912.95

GBC, forcing, hoist

Brake SizeCatalog NumberDescriptionList PriceYour Price
4"4GBC-S-PMSingle Brake - panel mount (PM) - GBC2501,200.001,020.00
4"4GBC-S-12ESingle brake-type 12 enclosure - GBC2501,469.001,248.65
4"4GBC-S-4ESingle brake-type 4 enclosure - GBC2501,812.001,540.20
4"4GBC-D-PMDual brakes-panel mount (PM)- GBC2501,200.001,020.00
4"4GBC-D-12EDual brakes-type 12 enclosure- GBC2501,469.001,248.65
4"4GBC-D-4EDual brakes-type 4 enclosure - GBC2501,812.001,540.20
6"6GBC-S-PMSingle Brake - panel mount (PM) - GBC2501,200.001,020.00
6"6GBC-S-12ESingle brake-type 12 enclosure - GBC2501,469.001,248.65
6"6GBC-S-4ESingle brake-type 4 enclosure - GBC2501,812.001,540.20
6"6GBC-D-PMDual brakes-panel mount (PM)- GBC2501,200.001,020.00
6"6GBC-D-12EDual brakes-type 12 enclosure- GBC2501,469.001,248.65
6"6GBC-D-4EDual brakes-type 4 enclosure - GBC2501,812.001,540.20
8"8GBC-S-PMSingle Brake - panel mount (PM) - GBC2501,200.001,020.00
8"8GBC-S-12ESingle brake-type 12 enclosure - GBC2501,469.001,248.65
8"8GBC-S-4ESingle brake-type 4 enclosure - GBC2501,812.001,540.20
8"8GBC-D-PMDual brakes-panel mount (PM)- GBC2501,200.001,020.00
8"8GBC-D-12EDual brakes-type 12 enclosure- GBC2501,469.001,248.65
8"8GBC-D-4EDual brakes-type 4 enclosure - GBC2501,812.001,540.20
10"10GBC-S-PMSingle Brake - panel mount (PM) - GBC2501,200.001,020.00
10"10GBC-S-12ESingle brake-type 12 enclosure - GBC2501,469.001,248.65
10"10GBC-S-4ESingle brake-type 4 enclosure - GBC2501,812.001,540.20
10"10GBC-D-PMDual brakes-panel mount (PM)- GBC2501,200.001,020.00
10"10GBC-D-12EDual brakes-type 12 enclosure- GBC2501,469.001,248.65
10"10GBC-D-4EDual brakes-type 4 enclosure - GBC2501,812.001,540.20
12"12GBC-S-PMSingle Brake - panel mount (PM) - GBC3501,591.001,352.35
12"12GBC-S-12ESingle brake-type 12 enclosure - GBC3501,897.001,612.45
12"12GBC-S-4ESingle brake-type 4 enclosure - GBC3502,264.001,924.40
12"12GBC-D-PMDual brakes-panel mount (PM)- GBC3501,958.001,664.30
12"12GBC-D-12EDual brakes-type 12 enclosure- GBC3502,448.002,080.80
12"12GBC-D-4EDual brakes-type 4 enclosure - GBC3502,938.002,497.30
13"13GBC-S-PMSingle Brake - panel mount (PM) - GBC3501,591.001,352.35
13"13GBC-S-12ESingle brake-type 12 enclosure - GBC3501,897.001,612.45
13"13GBC-S-4ESingle brake-type 4 enclosure - GBC3502,264.001,924.40
13"13GBC-D-PMDual brakes-panel mount (PM)- GBC3501,958.001,664.30
13"13GBC-D-12EDual brakes-type 12 enclosure- GBC3502,448.002,080.80
13"13GBC-D-4EDual brakes-type 4 enclosure - GBC3502,938.002,497.30
15"15GBC-S-PMSingle Brake - panel mount (PM) - GBC4501,958.001,664.30
15"15GBC-S-12ESingle brake-type 12 enclosure - GBC4502,448.002,080.80
15"15GBC-S-4ESingle brake-type 4 enclosure - GBC4502,938.002,497.30
16"16GBC-S-PMSingle Brake - panel mount (PM) - GBC4501,958.001,664.30
16"16GBC-S-12ESingle brake-type 12 enclosure - GBC4502,448.002,080.80
16"16GBC-S-4ESingle brake-type 4 enclosure - GBC4502,938.002,497.30
19"19GBC-S-PMSingle Brake - panel mount (PM) - GBC4501,958.001,664.30
19"19GBC-S-12ESingle brake-type 12 enclosure - GBC4502,448.002,080.80
19"19GBC-S-4ESingle brake-type 4 enclosure - GBC4502,938.002,497.30

Type “MBE”

Rectifiers – 230-460-575-1Ph-60Hz

MBC, forcing, hoist

Brake SizeCatalog NumberDescriptionList PriceYour Price
5"5MBC-S-PMSingle brake - panel mount (PM) (100V-20V)793.00674.05
5"5MBC-S-4Single brake-type 4 enclosure1,088.00924.80
8"8MBC-S-PMSingle brake - panel mount (PM) (100V-20V)793.00674.05
8"8MBC-S-4Single brake-type 4 enclosure1,088.00924.80
10"10MBC-S-PMSingle brake - panel mount (PM) (100V-20V)793.00674.05
10"10MBC-S-4Single brake-type 4 enclosure1,088.00924.80
13"13MBC-S-PMSingle brake - panel mount (PM) (100V-20V)793.00674.05
13"13MBC-S-4Single brake-type 4 enclosure1,088.00924.80
16"16MBC-S-PMSingle brake - panel mount (PM) (100V-20V)1,114.00946.90
16"16MBC-S-4Single brake-type 4 enclosure1,410.001,198.50
19"19MBC-S-PMSingle brake - panel mount (PM) (100V-20V)1,114.00946.90
19"19MBC-S-4Single brake-type 4 enclosure1,410.001,198.50
23"23MBC-S-PMSingle brake - panel mount (PM) (100V-20V)1,114.00946.90
23"23MBC-S-4Single brake-type 4 enclosure1,410.001,198.50

MBC, forcing

Brake SizeCatalog NumberDescriptionList PriceYour Price
5"8MBC-D-PMDual brakes - panel mount (PM) (200V-40V)1,677.001,425.45
5"8MBC-D-4Dual brakes-type 4 enclosure1,997.001,697.45
10"10MBC-D-PMDual brakes - panel mount (PM) (200V-40V)1,677.001,425.45
10"10MBC-D-4Dual brakes-type 4 enclosure1,997.001,697.45
13"13MBC-D-PMDual brakes - panel mount (PM) (200V-40V)1,677.001,425.45
13"13MBC-D-4Dual brakes-type 4 enclosure1,997.001,697.45
16"16MBC-D-PMDual brakes - panel mount (PM) (200V-40V)3,443.002,926.55
16"16MBC-D-4Dual brakes-type 4 enclosure3,771.003,205.35
19"19MBC-D-PMDual brakes - panel mount (PM) (200V-40V)3,443.002,926.55
19"19MBC-D-4Dual brakes-type 4 enclosure3,771.003,205.35
23"23MBC-D-PMDual brakes - panel mount (PM) (200V-40V)3,443.002,926.55
23"23MBC-D-4Dual brakes-type 4 enclosure3,771.003,205.35
all sizesMBC-UL508UL 508A Listing for MBC Rectifier267.00226.95

ABR, constant potential, bridge/trolley

Brake SizeCatalog NumberDescriptionList PriceYour Price
5"5ABR-S-PMSingle brake - panel mount (PM)1,575.001,338.75
5"5ABR-S-3RSingle brake-type 3R enclosure1,851.001,573.35
5"5ABR-S-12Single brake-type 12 enclosure2,032.001,727.20
5"5ABR-S-4Single brake-type 4 enclosure2,539.002,158.15
5"5ABR-D-PMDual brake - panel mount (PM)1,575.001,338.75
5"5ABR-D-3RDual brakes-type 3R enclosure1,851.001,573.35
5"5ABR-D-12Dual brakes-type 12 enclosure2,032.001,727.20
5"5ABR-D-4Dual brakes-type 4 enclosure2,617.002,224.45
8"8ABR-S-PMSingle brake - panel mount (PM)1,575.001,338.75
8"8ABR-S-3RSingle brake-type 3R enclosure1,851.001,573.35
8"8ABR-S-12Single brake-type 12 enclosure2,032.001,727.20
8"8ABR-S-4Single brake-type 4 enclosure2,539.002,158.15
8"8ABR-D-PMDual brake - panel mount (PM)1,575.001,338.75
8"8ABR-D-3RDual brakes-type 3R enclosure1,851.001,573.35
8"8ABR-D-12Dual brakes-type 12 enclosure2,032.001,727.20
8"8ABR-D-4Dual brakes-type 4 enclosure2,617.002,224.45
10"10ABR-S-PMSingle brake - panel mount (PM)1,575.001,338.75
10"10ABR-S-3RSingle brake-type 3R enclosure1,851.001,573.35
10"10ABR-S-12Single brake-type 12 enclosure2,032.001,727.20
10"10ABR-S-4Single brake-type 4 enclosure2,539.002,158.15
10"10ABR-D-PMDual brake - panel mount (PM)1,575.001,338.75
10"10ABR-D-3RDual brakes-type 3R enclosure1,851.001,573.35
10"10ABR-D-12Dual brakes-type 12 enclosure2,032.001,727.20
10"10ABR-D-4Dual brakes-type 4 enclosure2,617.002,224.45
13"13ABR-S-PMSingle brake - panel mount (PM)1,575.001,338.75
13"13ABR-S-3RSingle brake-type 3R enclosure1,851.001,573.35
13"13ABR-S-12Single brake-type 12 enclosure2,032.001,727.20
13"13ABR-S-4Single brake-type 4 enclosure2,539.002,158.15
13"13ABR-D-PMDual brake - panel mount (PM)1,897.001,612.45
13"13ABR-D-3RDual brakes-type 3R enclosure2,233.001,898.05
13"13ABR-D-12Dual brakes-type 12 enclosure2,615.002,222.75
13"13ABR-D-4Dual brakes-type 4 enclosure3,200.002,720.00
16"16ABR-S-PMSingle brake - panel mount (PM)1,897.001,612.45
16"16ABR-S-3RSingle brake-type 3R enclosure2,233.001,898.05
16"16ABR-S-12Single brake-type 12 enclosure2,615.002,222.75
16"16ABR-S-4Single brake-type 4 enclosure3,200.002,720.00
16"16ABR-D-PMDual brake - panel mount (PM)2,938.002,497.30
16"16ABR-D-3RDual brakes-type 3R enclosure3,672.003,121.20
16"16ABR-D-12Dual brakes-type 12 enclosure4,201.003,570.85
16"16ABR-D-4Dual brakes-type 4 enclosure5,581.004,743.85
19"19ABR-S-PMSingle brake - panel mount (PM)1,897.001,612.45
19"19ABR-S-3RSingle brake-type 3R enclosure2,233.001,898.05
19"19ABR-S-12Single brake-type 12 enclosure2,615.002,222.75
19"19ABR-S-4Single brake-type 4 enclosure3,200.002,720.00
19"19ABR-D-PMDual brake - panel mount (PM)2,938.002,497.30
19"19ABR-D-3RDual brakes-type 3R enclosure3,672.003,121.20
19"19ABR-D-12Dual brakes-type 12 enclosure4,201.003,570.85
19"19ABR-D-4Dual brakes-type 4 enclosure5,581.004,743.85
23"23ABR-S-PMSingle brake - panel mount (PM)2,938.002,497.30
23"23ABR-S-3RSingle brake-type 3R enclosure3,672.003,121.20
23"23ABR-S-12Single brake-type 12 enclosure4,201.003,570.85
23"23ABR-S-4Single brake-type 4 enclosure5,581.004,743.85
23"23ABR-D-PMDual brake - panel mount (PM)2,938.002,497.30
23"23ABR-D-3RDual brakes-type 3R enclosure3,672.003,121.20
23"23ABR-D-12Dual brakes-type 12 enclosure4,201.003,570.85
23"23ABR-D-4Dual brakes-type 4 enclosure5,581.004,743.85
30"30ABR-S-PMSingle brake - panel mount (PM)2,938.002,497.30
30"30ABR-S-3RSingle brake-type 3R enclosure3,672.003,121.20
30"30ABR-S-12Single brake-type 12 enclosure4,201.003,570.85
30"30ABR-S-4Single brake-type 4 enclosure5,581.004,743.85
30"30ABR-D-PMDual brake - panel mount (PM)6,181.005,253.85
30"30ABR-D-3RDual brakes-type 3R enclosure7,124.006,055.40
30"30ABR-D-12Dual brakes-type 12 enclosure7,579.006,442.15
30"30ABR-D-4Dual brakes-type 4 enclosure9,253.007,865.05

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