AC & DC Brakes

Industrial Brakes are ideal for high-duty cycle industrial applications. Brake performance has improved, and brake linings last longer especially when brakes operate in conjunction with AC adjustable frequency controls or digital DC controls. Sievert Crane and Hoist provides the lowest pricing guaranteed.


200 S General Purpose Industrial Brakes

Ideal for high-duty cycle industrial applications such as overhead cranes, conveyors, hoists, bridges and more.

300M AIST Mill Duty Shoe Brakes

Designed for heavy-duty steel mills and other harsh environments and applications which require high integrity 5” – 30” diameter.

Braketronic Controller

Safe and effective solution for proportional brake control. Used on the traverse motions of your overhead crane.

400D Heavy-Duty Disc

Best choice for applications requiring optimal performance, reliability and durability in high duty cycle, high speed or high torque stopping.

Hy-Thrust Actuators

Combine all the basic elements of a hydraulic system into one integral unit: electric motor driving an hydraulic pump, piping, and working cylinder and piston.

Motor Mounted Brakes

Motor mounted brakes feature the brake mounted on the opposite drive end (ODE) of the motor, which saves installation time and labor costs.

Brake Rectifiers

Used to operate a DC Magnet shoe type electric brake when the brake is used on equipment powered by AC.


Protective brake enclosures guard against damage from dust and moisture and retain heat.

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